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Orange Friendly specializes in T-shirts, 11″x17″ posters, and 1″ buttons, using up to 6 colors. All screen printing is done by hand, which gives all orders a personal touch not found with mechanical printing. Submitted artwork must be in TIFF, PSD, or PDF format. I also create custom artwork for a fee of $30/hr. For instructions on how to order, or for any other questions e-mail your requests to

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038/365 crowded spaces

Kelly Orange

I love Orange.
I love Paper.
I love ink & paint & glue & sand & things that look messed up.
I like silly creatures, bright colors, & blood & guts.
I’m drawn to texture, layers, repetition, posters, music & red wine.
I like to see something new every time I look at a painting.
I like how color and texture interact to create a mood, a feeling.
I like how all these things can change over time.
I like how the vein on my forehead is prominent. I do.

“As a kid I was constantly taking things apart to see how they worked. I remember watching open-heart surgeries on video with my parents who both worked in the Operating Room as perfusionists (someone who runs the heart-lung machine). I believe I got my perverse love of blood and guts because of this…

“In grade school my interest in the workings of nature was fueled through biology. Cytoplasm, cells, mitochondria, & basic elements fed my curiosity. How things came to be on a microscopic level. A year after I moved to Santa Cruz for college I decided, after jumping from science to psychology to science and back again, that art held all kinds of mysteries and more. I’d always expressed myself through drawing, writing, collage & painting, but as more of a hobby, rather than my main focus. Research, visual representation, & seeing how things come together to make a final whole were all part of the process, just as in science. I’m drawn to the unknown…Art is my safety net as well as the cliff I have to jump off of in order to get to my next destination.

“Sometimes I begin work without a vision, just a need …painting, layering, painting, layering until form begins to creep in & I guide it to life. Sometimes I set out to an end…and sometimes I get there, but most of the time my paintings & prints are a personal reaction to whatever is happening on Lost.

“No, not really.
But kind of…

“Since 2003 I’ve been back in San Diego, where I’ve found a flourishing community of like-minded crazy artists who have pushed me to new levels. In 2006, I began working on a project called Fruit of the Soul and have been designing and printing t-shirts, posters and CD covers through Orange Friendly, as well as working full time for Specialty Produce taking care of whatever falls under the umbrella of Community Affairs.”

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Rick Milano

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