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I’m 30, it’s about time for an Orange Party!

Kelly Orange | March 8, 2010

Pretty sweet poster right?  Rick drew it of course, because things like this just fly right out of his brain through his pencil like a knife through butter… so I’m 30 now.  Does that make very much different? Nope, not really, but it does give me an excuse to throw another Orange Party!  I think [...]

I award myself with a gold Star for 10,000 tweets.

Kelly Orange | February 5, 2010

via Who would’ve thought social media would’ve connected me to so many people. I’m happy to know all of you…. or most of you (ha-ha). Think about those you’ve come to know in the past few years. How many of them did you meet because of something like facebook, twitter, myspace, even blogs & [...]