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Long overdue – a post about the current situation

Posted By Kelly Orange on July 24, 2009

BushwallaButtons for @Bushwalla by @orangefriendly

I thought I was going to post at least once a week, but there’s been no time.
From Fruit of the Soul – to making my sister’s wedding invitations, which I do have mostly done, I just need to print them out – to making 350 t-shirts & 750 buttons for Bushwalla – to another double set up 4-color print run for a friend’s company, I have had little time to do anything really, especially relax & I think my body is telling me to.

Here’s what my days have looked like in the past 2 weeks:
wake up – work around 8 hrs @ Specialty
come home – clean out screens, reclaim, degrease
set-up screens / or artwork to be printed out for films
print out buttons / make buttons
write up quotes
work on FOTS website / email potential sponsors
eat dinner that Rick makes for me
return emails
emulsion screens for next day’s image burning
take daily DND365 photo
order supplies
feed dog
drink water

Notice how there’s no time in there for actual relaxation / brain stoppage except for sleep?  I did get to go to a concert & out to dinner last week, but I worked through the weekend in a 115 degree garage printing until my arms couldn’t take it anymore.  I always forget how long it really does take from start to finish of a silkscreen job.  Clean off old screen – reclaim – powerwash – degrease – let dry – emulsion – let dry overnight – set up artwork for output (separate colors, size for area, create dense black for film) – shoot, I should’ve started with quote – figure out prices / sizes of shirts – order/pay for shirts – pick up/ figure out delivery – back to film output – burn screen – let dry – tape up edges – register print (to each screen and to the shirt boards) – mix ink colors – heat up belt dryer & flash dryer – print a test run & check that the ink cures – print shirts – fold shirts – print shirts – fold shirts – print shirts – fold shirts etc.  I’m tired and I still haven’t launched this new website.  The list of to-dos are mounting, many of them are simple things like “take a shower” and “put away clothes” and “take dog for a walk”.  It’s driving me nuts.

I can’t ever seem to get ahead.  I get tons done, but I desperately need a break.  I wish I could’ve gone on tour with Bushwalla.  Now that would be awesome.  He’s going out for months with his buddy Jason Mraz & G Love – so of course he has to miss Fruit of the Soul this year, but I’m ok with that.  He’s supported us in our infancy and now he’s out shakin’ it to the world!  I’m happy for him – just wish I could get out there and travel too.  After October 3rd I think I’m going to plan something long and relaxing!

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