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Like times of old…

Posted By Kelly Orange on July 28, 2009

I’m up late again!  I just love these hours – so productive, no distractions. 
Just me & M. Ward

Finished up a 4 color print…Looks awesome, so very proud of this print.  It’s always a challenge trying to translate a digital image into openings in a screen for layers of ink to pass through, registering snug up next to each other.

Moon Mayoras 4 color print

And my sister’s wedding invitations are finally proofed and ready to start production. Yeah, so it says “Please reply by August 8, 2009″ on the response cards, but that will change – Everyone who is coming knows already right? It’s just a formality. Geez, I live in my own floaty world. They are super awesome though, stoked & I think my sister will be too.

Ginny & Ryan

Off to dreamland – 1:44am

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